Monday, May 29, 2006

The Amazing Amazon!

Hi again! this post was at first going to be about my time at the Bristol Comic Expo, and I was going to take a cheap shot at the sad bastards who attend dressed up as their favourite character. To illustrate my point, I remembered seeing this Wonder Woman photo (left) many months ago, but I couldn't remember where I'd seen it, so I put 'Wonder Woman' into Google image search. Never before has the fact that a wonderful resource such as the internet is in the hands of a bunch of weird geeks been hammered home with such force.

Firstly, there are the kinda cute ones, such as WW reimagined in works of art,(see above) but still sad, in a harmless kind of way.
Secondly, we see Wonder Woman dying of AIDS (far left), in a French advert. Who thought that one up? I know that using popular characters can emphasise the point to kids, but Wonder Woman? How can an invulnerable virgin like her get AIDS anyway? Will Diana Prince get a visit from Princess Diana?
Thirdly, and this is what really illustrates what sad bastards are out there, are the sex pictures of Wonder Woman. The picture I've used (and I don't mean 'used' as in 'I use pornography'!) is a fairly tame example of what I found. There are loads of shoddy photoshop pictures of Wonder Woman getting covered in fluids; loads of shoddy photoshopped pictures of actresses in Wonder Woman costumes.(There was one of Aniston that is particularly bad.) There were a few explicit comic strips of WW having sex with various superheroes, and there was one of her getting raped by the Hulk, which may be morally and politically and legally wrong, I object to because Hulk is Marvel and Wonder Woman is DC! If Hulk was going to rape anyone, at least make it someone from his own universe!
I think my point might be to put SafeSearch on if you are looking for Wonder Woman pictures.

I might put a review of Bristol on soon, as well, soon....

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