Thursday, June 15, 2006

England played a game of football today. It was against a team who were supposed to be much weaker than us, and it was the World Cup. You'd think we'd be up for it. You'd think the hundred-grand-a-week brigade would eat the Trinidadians alive.


We were, at times, abject. We cleared off the line, Beckham's free kicks and corners were woeful, Crouch missed an absolute sitter. The big lanky strip of piss. Owen is still not right and it looked hopeless at half time.

Second half, and, surprise, surprise, Eriksson made a decent substitution. Lennon changed the game. Ten minutes from the end, the big lanky strip of piss scored and five minutes later, the previously anonymous Gerrard hit a beauty.

We're through to the next round now. We might even be group winners. I suppose it's better to play badly and win than to play well and lose. We can only get better.


Clive_Evil_C said...

I suppose it would be boring to watch if the England game went smoothyl

mick said...

No, it would save my nerves!