Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Give your Oscar back!

After her recent dismaying performances in Die Another Day, Swordfish, Catwoman, and X Men: The Last Stand, (and apparently,Gothika, although I know nothing about that movie) I reckon it's about time the Academy came clean and told the world they made an almighty mistake in giving the Oscar to Ms. Berry. I think she's perfectly nice to look at, but I reckon Nick Berry is more deserving of the statuette than Mrs. Mahogany. Anyway, I've found the perfect replacement for Halle should she decline a role in X4. See bottom photo. (Fnurr.)

I reckon Give your Oscar back will return! Are there any other Oscar winners that you think should return their award? Don't you think it's disgusting that Scorsese has never won one? Are you more disgusted that some talentless prick has got one instead? Let me know.


DanProject76 said...

Now that's how I always imagined Storm would look in the fillums!

Clive_Evil_C said...

That new storm certainly has more personality then the current storm, and that's from just looking at the picture!