Saturday, June 17, 2006

MC 2

Hello. Remember Never Strikes Twice? It's on this blog somewhere. The book it's part of, an anthology titled MC2 , will now be published by Knockabout Press. This is good news as it means the book will now have an ISBN number and will be available in shops and even on Amazon. Before we were just looking at flogging it at the conventions. It still won't make any money, but it'll flop less severely!
It will be out in October/November and contains contributions from John McCrea, Hunt Emerson as well as pieces from IMAF award winning artists Asia Alfasi and Michiru Morikawa.Dave Gibbons has seen it and has very kindly written us a nice quote for the cover.
Oh, and my story is in it as well. oh, alright then, I'll show you the piccies again!

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