Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cheaters never prosper!

Wazza and Cris make it up?
I am so glad that those cheating bastards of Portugal are on their way home today. Especially that greasy ballet-dancing little minge Cristiano Ronaldo. This little wind-up merchant will be remembered forever for his performances in this World Cup, but not in the good Pele way, but for his diving, 'injury' histrionics, and demanding to the referee that another player gets sent off. That last crime is the most unforgivable; he's like the kid that reminds the teacher that he/she hasn't set any homework. He's a fucking little snitch. He made me so angry on Saturday that I kicked my telly. (I know it's a bad thing to do, but I'd imbibed. The telly survived; I can't kick for shit when I'm pissed.) I know England didn't deserve to win, I know we were abject. But I can't accept us being knocked out by the Portuguese branch of RADA.
FIFA must punish Ronaldo. Otherwise, it's sending out the message to the millions of impressionable kids watching that cheating is the way to win tournaments. It's like my mom used to say: 'Cheaters never prosper'. (Saying that though, she also used to tell us we were about to have 'shit with egg on' for tea, and Henry and Matthew Kelly were brothers, so I'd take a lot of what she says with a whole handful of salt.)


pid said...

Can't really comment on the football thing, although it does all sound unfair.
But it is interesting to here that other mothers ask children if the want shit on egg for tea.
I am carrying on the tradition by asking my boys if they want poo/sick/bogeys with egg for dinner, but the children know I'm just being silly if I mention egg as I would never have that in the house, unlike the other things.

Clive_Evil_C said...

I would comment on what you've blogged, but at the moment I'm quite scared by the picture that I couldn't focus on what you wrote!

mick said...

Welcome, Pid.
Surely shit isn't vegan either.Neither is sick or bogeys. If the only thing I had to eat were shit with egg, the egg isn't the thing I'm worried about eating!

Clive, don't be scared by man-love.

bb said...

Yes, you having to fork out hundreds on a new telly, that would've taught the nasty Portuguese faux thespian, wouldn't it?

And why is it you feel so strongly against minge?

Questions, questions.

mick said...

Surely the insurance would've covered it! I'd have sent the greasy little shit the bill for a new telly if it didn't.
I don't have problems with all minges; just those from Portugal.

Remember the flag in the corner of the Schalke stadium with 'minge' written on it? I've been asking 'did you see it?' to everyone I know and the answer has been 'no' every time. The people of Brum must have Minge-Blindness.

DanProject76 said...

I don't know whether that picture turns me on or off. Help!

mick said...

It really shouldn't turn you on. Rooney isn't sexy, is he? He looks like a spud.

DanProject76 said...

How dare you be so rude to potatoes!!!!!!

He is worse than a spud.