Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Arts Champion!

This is my latest creation. He is called the Arts Champion, and he goes around Birmingham unlocking Brummies' creative powers at bus stops. In my experience, most Brummies' creativeness at bus stops extends as far as writing 'VILLA KILL BCFC' or 'SHAZZA IS A SLUT' on the window in permanent marker, but never mind.

The Arts Department of Birmingham City Council seem to like it, anyway. I've just got to letter it properly and get registered as self-employed at the tax office and I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams!!!

I'm trying to be hyperbolic again.


bb said...

the narrative behind your strip re-inforces my suspicions, in that the most creative people i know all travel often by bus ;-)

p.s. you sure is good at that hiper-bowl busyness

steve said...

isnt that the wickes logo on his chest?

i'm jealous that you have actually made money out of comics.

mick said...

BB: Creative people should use buses, because the fumes from other passengers' mind altering drugs can alter their perception of the world around them. Also, hyper-bowl was my nickname at school because of my haircut, which was made fashionable again by The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses about five years later.

Steve: I've not made that much money, really. The chest logo is actually that of Brum City Council. I think it's supposed to represent a heart, as in "heart of the country", but just looks like two stuck-up fingers, as in "fuck off, rest of country."

jonni said...

Nice work man.

I got my artsfest brochure through the post today. Blimey there's a lot going on for three days!!!

mick said...

I got one of those, with the girl blowing up a balloon on the front?
Most of it isn't my cup of tea, as I'm not keen on Bollywood or pottery, but I'll probably go along to grab a few leaflets for the members of my family that want to see my work in print, but are too lazy to get of their fat arses to go and get one themselves.
Are you going, Jonni?

jonni said...

Tell the truth, I'm tempted - it's only a couple of hours on the train after all, and I'm not doing anything next weekend...