Thursday, September 21, 2006

Does This Look Septic?

Hi again. This is a piece of art I've done to advertise a comic I've not even drawn yet as the script isn't finished!
It's for the long-gestating Septic Isle book. As it's about a superspy coming out of retirement to battle with a white supremacist. I've gone for a 007-esque vibe, with the tattered Union flag symbolising a fucked-up Great Britain. Andy Winter, who writes and publishes these books for Moonface Press (check the link in the sidebar!) is getting a lot of interest in his books and is now republishing the older ones, and this ad will appear in the forthcoming re-release of Blood Psi , featuring the awesome art of my old mucker Keith ('Keet') Burns.


Jemima said...

It does look a little swollen. Maybe pop a bit of sudocrem on. That'll sort you out.

mick said...

You've just described my Saturday morning ritual!