Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ignore the prententious wankiness.

My family and I had a look around some of the ArtsFest today. There are events scattered all around Brum, but we had a shufty at the main venues, Chamberlain Square and Centenary Square. Usually, I'm not overly fond of Arts Festivals as they tend to be attended by beard bearing, sandal wearing new age types....And that's just the women! (Insert sound of rimshot here!) but today was a nice day, the festival is well organised, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. There was a bit of prententious wankiness, but you expect that kind of shite at these things.
I visited the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery stand, mainly to see the finished results of my weeks of labour on the leaflets they were giving kids to desecrate with their crayons and felt tips. They've also used some of my images on glossier flyers (see top image) which look ace, and have 'Artwork (c) Mick Trimble' printed on the back, which kinda makes me feel important in some small way. The bottom picture is me at the stall with Lydia Miller, who's running the whole 'ArtsChampions' shebang. Note the blown up pictures of mine used to decorate the stand! There were a few kids there who seemed to like the strip, and were ruining colouring it in, and not running away screaming, like children usually do when they see my work.
So generally, I'm quite pleased, that IS a smile on my face. Kind of. Also, Lydia and I were standing right next to each other. Isn't she little?


Jemima said...
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Jemima said...

Just an ordinary average normal day of spontaneous artistic expression in Brum. I didn't even know there was a 'fest' on. If anything, I felt it was a little quieter and less artistically diverse than a normal Brummie weekend.

(I'm so ashamed I made a spelling mistake, sob)

mick said...

That's it, Mimes. Let's be glowing and sell Birmingham to the masses!