Saturday, October 21, 2006

Special People; Smarten Up!

The bus I have to catch to get to work used to stop right outside where I work for a living. It doesn't anymore, since Travel West Midlands (they were, until quite recently, called West Midlands Travel until they rebranded themselves. The difference is both subtle and incredible!) revised all the routes and decided my bus route would better serve me if it was less frequent, stopping further away and with single decker buses instead of double deckers. All this means that I now have a ten-minute walk to my bus stop after work, at which I wait for ages while single deckers packed full of passengers zoom past.
During my aforementioned walk to the bus stop, I happen to go past a factory that employs a large number of what are now called 'special' people. People with learning difficulties. They must finish about the same time I do, because there's loads of them at bus stops or walking past me. Now, these people are generally mocked and frowned upon by society, and I reckon it's got fuck all to do with their disabilities, or the fact they talk very loudly about wrestling or bark at the end of every sentence (the two that get the same bus as me) I think it's the fact that they are always dressed very badly. You can't blame anyone for the fact they're yampy, but someone has to be blamed for dressing them in half-mast trousers, or brown Chairman Mao/Ernst Stavro Blofeld safari suits or filthy anoraks that have 'Football '87' or some other bollocks printed on them. Maybe if Remploy or Mencap or whoever spent less time trying to get them into work and more time dressing them smartly, they wouldn't be stigmatised by the rest of the world.

(Phew! I got through that whole post without mentioning the words Mong, Belmer, Spacker, Joey, or Retard! I think I'm getting better at this!)

The picture is of me (before my recent well-needed haircut) holding up a picture (it was a get-together for comics artists, so just drawing a picture isn't weird behaviour. Well it is, but not at this do) of a chicken wearing a hat I did whilst in a 'refreshed' state, explaining the poor quality of said fowl illustration.
I thought it fitted the theme of this post, for some reason.

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