Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's the Serbo-Croat for utter shite?

There was a really sad weepie on telly last night. England were playing Croatia. Six of Croatia's eleven players ended with 'ic', whereas all of England's did-Pathetic. (Or you could swap it with either Chronic or Imbecilic.) I cannot see how the manager Steve McClaren is the answer to England's troubles when he was part of the problem to start with. He tried a new 3-5-2 formation to give England 'width' but this formation needs someone who can cross the ball, but we are lacking such a player in the England squad.
The best crosser of a football in the world is English; a certain player called Beckham- but McClaren won't pick him. I've never been a massive fan of Beckham as a person, he was the wrong choice for captain, in my opinion, but as a footballer, he still has a lot to offer England. Making him the scapegoat for the shower of shit that was England's World Cup displays is wrong.
Many of our 'stars' just aren't performing. Rooney and Lampard are shadows of their former selves and Crouch has never convinced me as a striker. He has scored a lot lately, but only against shit teams, and he never scores in the big games where the pressure's on. I remember the useless long streak of piss when he was at Villa. Useless. Ashley Cole is also an overrated player whose performances have been below par-but he'll probably blame that on Arsenal. He blames them for everything else. McClaren should have the bollocks to tell these players to either shape up or fuck off. I'd rather he picked a squad of lesser known players who would run their hearts out for the team than this current shower who think they just have to turn up.
The FA have made a fuck up appointing McClaren. Just like the fuck up they made by extending Eriksson's contract. The man they should've appointed is now, I'm happy to say, the manager of the mighty Aston Villa. Martin O'Neill has taken a team that was terrible last year, and with largely the same players, we are now three points from the top of the Premiership and still unbeaten. It's a pleasure to watch the Villa these days.(I hope I'm not jinxing them, now! We're playing Spurs on Saturday and I'm hoping Robinson has a similar game to the one he had last night!) O'Neill is passionate, tactically aware, and can turn ordinary players into good ones. Three qualities lacking in the current England Coach. I hope McClaren proves me wrong.


IanDSharman said...

I think I agree with you on almost every point, apart from the Peter Crouch bit. I'll never understand why Sven opted to play Rooney (injured) and Owen (shite) rather than Crouch in the World Cup, considering that he was on form and scoring. Of course, I don't understand why Sean Wright-Phillips wasn't in the squad at all...

I guess England's loss is Villa's gain. And, to be honest, I'd rather see that than have O'Neill end up being villified by the English press because of a bunch of players that just can't be bothered.

mick said...

I may be biased against Crouch because the shit performances he put in for Villa, but to be fair, he was playing for Graham Taylor.
Wright-Phillips wasn't picked for Germany because he 'wasn't playing enough games', and then Eriksson takes Walcott who had never played a league game all season. Fair enough if he actually played Walcott and it came off, but to take him and leave him on the bench was a totally mystifying decision.

Jemima said...

Utterly mystifying. And shit.