Monday, November 13, 2006

Dancing to our own toon.

Here is the online version of the article about the Midlands comics Collective that was printed in Saturday's Birmingham Post. I won't post the picture up as half of my head is missing from it thanks to a flash-flare or something. Although the article is mainly about rising star Asia Alfasi, my story Never Strikes Twice is mentioned, being called a 'poignant, postmodern superhero tale', which was kind of what I was going for (even though the ending was changed, with the editor's insistence I put a pointless speech caption in the last panel) , so I'm glad it's been received that way. Quite chuffed, actually.

1 comment:

Jemima said...

I feel confident in saying your story is one of the best in the anthology! Well done you.

Not enough killing for my liking, though :-(