Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Chrimble from Mister Trimble.

It really is amazing what you find on Google Images. I was trying to find a funny picture of Santa to send in an email, and I found this particular image. It appears Santa is lying comatose (using a holly wreath as a pillow!) on a wooden table without his trousers on. The tiled floor might suggest he's in some sort of medical establishment, like he's had an accident, or it could also suggest it's some poor sod's kitchen, and Father Christmas has collapsed after one too many sherries. I really love his Christmassy socks. I had a jumper like that when I was six. I've since destroyed that particular photograph. I thought it was just too weird so I used an image of Santa about to eat Rudolph's head instead.
Anyway, below is a nice image of Santa having his guts pushed in by an almost omnipotent alien.

I digress. This post was intended to wish you all a very merry Chrimbletide and a ridiculously terrific New Year, but gone off on a tangent about Santa's socks. So- have yourselves a very merry Chrimbletide and a ridiculously terrific New Year!

Enjoy Responsibly.

P.S. In addition to my previous post, I've found my appointment as penciller on Jane Eyre has been announced on a Bronte fan blog, using big chunks of my blog as part of the announcement. It was posted the day after I wrote my post! News travels fast! It's kinda weird and if I didn't worry about it before, I am now, as I've realised there's thousands of Bronte fans out there who don't want to be disappointed.


Jemima said...

It's clearly all a tedious Christ allegory.

mick said...

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster-the crators of Superman, were, like a lot of the prominent comics creators of the time, Jewish, so the Jesus allegory wasn't intended by them, (they saw Superman as "the ultimate immigrant" coming to the U.S. and making it a better place, rather than a messiah.) that was all part of the movie versions, especially the Bryan Singer one.
Also, I don't remember the part in the New Testament where Christ punches Santa in the guts. While smiling.