Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Reader, I pencilled him."

I've just had an email to tell me that I'll be pencilling a 144 page comics adaptation/ graphic novel version of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Going to the Birmingham Comics Show was worth it, after all, then, as my own mysterious benefactor met me at the con. This means I am now a proper, professional artist. This also means I can give up my crappy day job. This also means I'll be spending my Christmas researching mid-19th century clothes and practising drawing horses, oh, and reading the source material. Still, that beats watching Noel's Christmas Video Family Accidents on Boxing Day Morning. I'm quite chuffed. I reckon it'll take me at least half an hour before reverting to my natural state of 'slightly pissed off'.
The picture above is my prelim of Thornfield Hall. The video below didn't help me at all in my research:


Jemima said...


Let's hear it for Brummie power.

A much deserved triumph: I'm wishing you all the luck in the refrigerator with this one.

Woo hoo, BTW!

DanProject76 said...

Yay! Mister Comic Artist Dude!

Hope you're not as slow as certain very famous comic artists or that book will take about ten years!

steve said...

congrats! all the best with that! tell your man i'm available for anything else- harry potter, captain correllis mandolin, the da vinci code, anything.

gizza job

IanDSharman said...

Nice one, mate! Remember to relish every moment of telling your employer exactly where they can shove their crummy job...

mick said...

Thank you all for your congrats!

Jemima: What if, as usual, there's fuck all in the fridge?

Dan: Fortunately, I'm quite quick. (when it comes to drawing, anyway! I'm as slow as a tortoise with a gammy leg when it comes to doing anything worthwhile.) Very famous comics artists can afford to be slow. Saying that, I sat next to Brian Bolland once, at the Bristol Con, and he has a reputation for not being the quickest, but he was knocking out brilliant sketches like nobody's business.

Steve: I'll tell them about you, but i can't promise anything. Maybe Animal Farm is more your style. i mean the Orwell novel, not the *ahem* 'specialist' movie.

Ian: It won't be until the end of january, but I am looking forward to handing in my notice.

bb said...

Wooo- hoooo!!!!! (Is there an echo in here?)

Many well deserved congratulations - and your Thornfield looks just the right size to me ;-)

love x x x x x

mick said...

There's that many WOO-HOOs going on around here I'm beginning to think I'm living in an owl sanctuary.

P.S. How did you know my pet name for my winky was 'Thornfield'?