Friday, January 19, 2007

Channel Poor.

So the great white whale Jade Baddy has been evicted. Thank fuck. Every day this week I've had to sift through endless pages of Big Brother-related bollocks to get to some proper news. Big Brother is supposed to be watching me, but I'm not watching it. As I've never been a BB fan (that's big brother, not bb) I am only going on what I've read and seen on the news about the show. At first, I thought it was just a middle class press attack on obviously working class people (God, how that Goody woman makes me hate my own class), and a Jade backlash was long overdue. I thought (at first) that if the roles were reversed, and let's say someone like Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was in an Indian Big Brother house and acting all superior and spraying on fake tan, I could imagine pissed off Indian housemates remarking 'She wants to make herself brown' and not be considered racist. But then I saw the clips on the news. Bloody Hell. Jade is an evil troll, and her mates who laugh with her whilst she is shouting moronic drivel are just as bad. She probably doesn't even think she is racist, because she's not actually used any offensive racist terms of abuse (as far as we know) but saying stuff like 'they eat with their hands don't they?' and 'fuck off home' shows her up as the ignorant, useless, ugly waste of skin she is. Deep down, she resents Shilpa, as she is everything Jade isn't, ie. Clever, classy and attractive, whereas Miss Goody has a face like a blistered pisspot and if brains were shit, she wouldn't even stink. Hopefully, this series of Big Brother will lead to us never clapping eyes on the lying stupid bitch again, and also lead to us never watching Big Brother again, because it's been cancelled.
I mean, what's happened to Channel 4? It used to give us great shows like The Comic Strip Presents...,Vic Reeves Big Night Out, Absolutely, The Tube and Father Ted, whereas these days, Peep Show and Shameless aside, it churns out utter shite like Richard & Judy, Paul O'Grady, Location,Location, Hollyoaks, Wife Swap, Ten Years Younger, Deal Or No Deal ,The Friday Night Project, and Big Brother and all its shitty spin offs. Channel 4 used to lead the way once, these days, it's doing anything for ratings, and its failure to act or even answer any questions on the BB racism issue shows it up for the gutless channel it has now become. Below is an example of the total cobblers that passes as teatime entertainment on C4 these days.


Jemima said...

Well I had curry for dinner, and I ate with my fingers. So that means, erm, hello, happy kumbh mela.

DanProject76 said...

I was most amused by the You Say Stuff And We Guess What It Is clip.

Gawd bless them two and their ability to increase sales of books in sookshops in a simple way, giving me an easy win every time they announce a new book club fing.

IanDSharman said...

Perhaps you are looking at C4's past through rose tinted spectacles?

Don't forget they inflicted both The Word and The Girly Show upon us.

That said, you did mention the most evil show on TV - Deal Or No Deal - and I can feel my blood boiling just thinking about it.

mick said...

C4 did have some shit on back in the day, but it was offset by some good programmes, which isn't happening these days.
Deal Or No Deal is the biggest load of shit ever- an hour of some dopey pillock picking numbers, whilst antichrist Edmonds tries to make it more important than it actually is by putting doubt into the aforementioned dopey pillock's mind.

IanDSharman said...

I get incensed every time they try to apply some kind of strategy to it. It's completely fucking random!!!!!!