Tuesday, January 09, 2007


There you are! I can see you again! My glasses have returned from London. They said it was nice to go away, but it's nicer to come back. Anyway, I've got my vision back.
I might have mentioned that I'm in a book called MC2 , which is out now in most bookshops of quality. You just have to look very hard for it. It was weird seeing it in Waterstone's the other weekend. A story I've written and drawn is on sale in Waterstone's! It was tucked in between a history of Wonder Woman and a book on old Commando comic strips, but even so, it felt nice. I wonder if Salman Rushdie feels the same when he's in Waterstone's with his bodyguard and sees Midnight's Children? I bet he has a wry smile under his fake beard. Anyway, the book has recently gone on sale in the States, and it's been reviewed here, by a very nice man called Joshua Pantalleresco (how American is that name?) who obviously knows what he's on about, as he likes the book. Who said the Yanks are stupid?


DanProject76 said...

I saw it in the 'Indie' section in Forbidden Planet in fancy London.

So I did. I didn't buy it though.

Hunter McEvoy said...

Oh, sorry, that was me, I said the Yanks are stupid. I was in a bad place then, I was really drunk, I'd just split up with my barber. They didn't speak to me for a while, but I got a mutual friend to act as a go-between, and it's all been forgiven, even if the Yanks do tend to avoid parties they know I'm going to be at.