Friday, February 09, 2007

Cracked Panels.

The image I used for my last post was from an old meme on Progressive Ruin, an excellent comics weblog by Mike Sterling. They have these panel-based memes quite often, and I do them, eventually, but too late to take part, and whilst traipsing through my hard drive to find the Hulk image, I found some of these panels. Some of them aren't very good, but I need to clear memory space, as somebody's iPod is taking over the computer. Also, the Dino one is a new one, in reply to Jonni's effort.


DanProject76 said...

Doom Patrol! Yay!

Volume Five of the Grant Morrison Doom Patrol is now in all good comic shops. I love my trade paperbacks, so I do.

mick said...

I like TPBs as well, they take up less room and don't have adverts, but they'll never replace the original issues in the lump of granite I call my heart.

Doom Patrol is fantastic, though.

Jemima said...

Comics are too flappy for my liking, compendium them and give them a firm cover everytime.