Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Are You Thirsty For Moore?

Remember that 'Cavemen Vs. Werewolves' strip I posted about a few weeks back? Well, it's now part of the multimedia launch of
The Many Worlds Of Jonas Moore, a computer game (and soon to be a next generation graphic novel, whatever one of them is.) starring the actor Colin Salmon (Him from Prime Suspect and Party Animals on TV, and he was also Robinson from the Brosnan Bond movies, as well as Resident Evil and Aliens Vs. Predator [don't hold those movies against him, though.])
Click on the link, go to the gallery, and see me on there. They call me Mick Trimble Mick Trimble though (so good they named him twice), but they link to my ComicSpace, so it might lead to some work. Might. Also, you can download the strip as a PDF (I'm not sure if I want to be a PDF file, I might end up on the Sex Offenders Register!) from the 'downloads' section. It's kinda exciting to be involved in a major project like this, and it's also exciting, being a 007 geek, that someone from the Bond movies (apparently he also plays 007 in screen tests for auditioning Bond girls)has now heard of me, as he was one of the judges. Maybe he'll introduce me to Halle Berry or Eva Green. I am back on the market now, after all! Knowing my luck, I'll end up with Honor Blackman.


Anonymous said...

Honor Blackman's a hottie!

And you should be very proud of yourself.

Can't be bothered to log in, sorry.

Ricardo said...

This is one of the freshest, most fun projects I have worked on. Mainly because it's a great concept & could bring about the media revolution, which we have all been waiting for!
Everyone involved has gone out of their way to make this "free" project look as good as it can - imagine how awesome it would be with major funding! So go download the previews for FREE & support new independent media!

Pacian said...

I always recognise Colin Salmon when he is in something. I think about how many little bits of sellotape they must have used to put him back together after Resident Evil.

mick said...

It was a terrible movie, though. When will Hollywood learn that video games do not translate into good movies?