Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some more Septic.

I was going to post the next two pages of Septic Isle but then a thought struck me- If I keep posting the pages on my blog, the three people who read Secret Identity no longer have to buy it. I've just put together some of the choicer stuff (including the bus, exploding mosque and MI5 panels I mentioned in previous posts) for you to have a nose at. Then you go and buy it when it's out, you tight sods. This book's cover has been drawn by Declan Shalvey, who is sickeningly talented, and it's tremendous. If I get permission from him, I'll post it on this site.


Dec said...

Hey man, sure by all means post away. No need to ask, but good of you all the same. See you in Bristol.


jamie said...

good cover,great interiors,and some promising writing from andy... could be the books of the year.
oh,wait... ultimates 13 isn't out yet.

mick said...

Millar and Hitch have nothing on me and Andy!