Saturday, June 16, 2007


Art update time! It's that time again when I tell you how little my comics art career has progressed. The bods behind Jonas Moore (see pic, left) want me to do more pics for them, ones they can 'meld with live action' ( Not sure what this entails, exactly but I think they're going to take my pics and animate them) and it's a paying gig. And now I'm big pals with Colin Salmon,(not really, I just draw pictures of him. He might have heard of me!) he might put my name forward as the next 007, as that Craig bloke is clearly unsuitable. Yes, he was brilliant, yes, he's got the charisma and the sex appeal, and yes, he can handle the fight scenes and the love scenes with equal aplomb. But at least my hair is the right colour!

Anyway, the whole Jonas Moore thing is getting loads of coverage, all over the net (my name was mentioned on the Forbidden Planet comics blog. Us Trimbles get everywhere, like dogshit!) and the print media as well. Apparently, it got the whole of page three in the Metro on Monday (the free paper I never pick up when I'm on the bus, so I missed it. ) and it's been featured in MarieClaire, as well. Another one I missed, for some strange reason. There's trailers for it , starring Colin Salmon and Adolf Hitler (What is it with me? everything I'm drawing tends to have Nazis in it!) on You Tube as well.It just feels weird that this project is all so 21st Century and they want me to beaver away with my pencil and ink brush, their little anachronistic pet pencil monkey!

Also, still beavering away at Septic Isle. At the moment, I'm drawing a page that involves a lot of research into London's council estate high rise flats, which is depressing, as they're not the nicest things to look at , and it's reminding me of a big chunk of my childhood spent in such a dog hole. (That's the problem with stories set in the present day in a city you don't live in. Stories set in the future or in a fantasy world are easier for me to do as I can just make up a building, vehicle or a weapon, but for this story I'm referencing everything including mundane stuff like bus stops to make it at least look like it's supposed to be London in the present day.) Here's some panels from the last two pages I've done: One of Jacob Marley and one of his partner, Maggie Firestone.

That's this update finished. I have to do them, it's kinda why I started having a blog in the first place, but don't worry, I'll get back on to the bodily functions, whingeing and sick jokes soon enough!


Pacian said...

"little anachronistic pet pencil monkey!"

This combination of words is clearly why language was invented. The human race can die out now, for it has reached its pinacle.

mick said...

This is probably the first time in my life I've been accused of literature!
(Although, technically, I am a published writer, having two self-penned comic strips out there in funny-book land! I like pointing that out to people. It makes me sound intelligent!)

cherry girl said...

Fabulous art, it's good that your work is getting the appreciation it deserves :)

mick said...

Thanks for the nice words, Cherry. Though whether it does deserve any appreciation is open to debate!