Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New Digs.

I know I said It'd be a while before I posted again, but I'm on what is now officially the ex's computer while I'm minding our kids.
I'm now moved in, the boxes all unpacked, the CDs no longer all over the floor, the stereo wired up, my graphic novels and comics have all been put away neatly. the room which is going to be my 'studio' (quite literally a 'drawing room'! Well, it will be, as soon as I get a chair to put in there!) now looks like a nerd's paradise, as it has my comics, graphic novels, reference books about comics and graphic novels, more books about Star Wars and 007 than I remember having, my Preacher vinyl figures set and last but not least, my die-cast Batmobile collection all on display. There's also an Aston Villa poster on the wall above my drawing board, courtesy of Randy Lerner's new publicity department, who sent it to me, free of charge, through the post. How times have changed; Doug Ellis wouldn't have given you the steam off his piss.
My very good friend Pete, bless him, helped me with the move, which was less stressful than I thought it would be, even though the flight of stairs which go up to my new flat was too steep and narrow to carry the big heavy boxes up without having a near embolism when we reached the summit. I think we skinned at least six knuckles between us. The weather, which has been cold all week, decided to be roasting on Sunday, which is lovely except for the times you're humping great fucking boxes of comics reference books about! Going up the steep stairs all the time may lead to me losing weight! God forbid! Just in case, there's a chip shop, a Chinese takeaway and an off-licence all within spitting distance, should I feel like I'm getting healthy! (Actually, Pete dodeca-dared me to phone the Chinese takeaway and get them to deliver a meal to my flat, which is about three doors away! Amusing as that would be, I chickened out and actually walked the twenty yards or so to the takeaway for my first meal in my new home.)
One thing, though, I need curtains. Last night I kept seeing the man in the flat opposite walk around in his pants, and today a bald man in a different flat opposite kept looking at me suspiciously above his net curtains. I won't be able to officially 'settle' til I put some drapes up. That means getting the poles as well, as there's nothing to hang the curtains on! And guess how I spent my high-flying exciting lifestyle-type day today? That's right- I cleaned all the congealed fat off the cooker that was left in an appalling state by the previous tenants. After I finished, I added some of my own as I had my first home-cooked bacon butty for about fourteen years. It was great!
It'll be a while before it feels like home, but I think I've made a good start. Thanks again for all the kind words, and the people that helped me pack, and shift the stuff. you know who you are, and you're all very much appreciated!


jamie said...

get yourself some cheap blinds...much better than curtains,in my...well,actually my wifes opinion,but there you go.
what the fuck am i talking about curtains and blinds for...?
i've become domesticated.

mick said...

Too late. I went out yesterday and spent about eighty quid on curtains.

Anyway, being domesticated is much better than being feral.

IanDSharman said...

Good luck in your new place, mate.