Saturday, October 20, 2007

Old Faces.

I was nagged by an old friend of mine (old in the sense that I've known him for twenty-two years, not old in the sense that he has no hair or pisses himself. Actually, he does do that, but not because he's old!) to join Facebook. In a country where we (quite rightly) generally don't want the government (or anybody else for that matter) to keep records of all our personal details or have I.D. cards, a lot of us are quite happy to put a lot of our details on one of the world's most popular websites for anyone to have a look at!
Anyway, I've got a profile on there, and I've been mooching about looking up old schoolmates and stuff. The strange thing about seeing your old classmates is seeing how much they've aged in the years since I last walked out of the gates of Handsworth Grammar school for boys. The ones I've kept in touch with don't seem to have aged that much, but that's probably because I see them fairly regularly. The ones I haven't seen all tend to be balding, or grey, or fat. Sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror and think I look old, that it's my dad looking back at me, only he's wearing glasses, but I don't feel that old anymore because I've seen what the ravages of time have done to the lads I went to school with!

Actually, thinking about it, these people probably think the same about me if they were to see my profile!

Anyway, I'm just getting used to the whole etiquette of Facebook. For example, I've been informed that if someone writes on your wall, replying to them on your own wall and not on theirs is a social faux pas tantamount to fisting someone to death at your pool party. And I've not really took part in all the giving of 'gifts' or nominating people for certain awards that my friends take part in. I will do, but I've been busy with other stuff (like drawing dirty pictures for that comic book I'm doing at the moment) so, if you're reading this and you've got the hump because I've not got round to nominating you as 'the person most likely to party like a rock star', sorry. I will do, one day. I'm just worried that fucking about on facebook will prove as addictive as heroin or wanking and it will take over all of my spare time, and I can't have that as I've got deadlines to meet and bills to pay.
It's bad enough trying to do that with the aforementioned addictions to wanking and heroin.

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