Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pow!Biff! Part 9 update.

This is an update on my last-but-one post (the one about Watchmen and the Caped Crustacean, as The Joker calls him). Above, is the first proper poster for 'The Dark Knight' and it's a nice, clever, simple and effective design.

Here are photos of the protagonist and antagonist. Apparently, This is the first Batman movie where our hero can move his head in all directions. Progress, eh?(Well, not exactly in all directions as that would make him Owlman. But not the Owl, that fat flying bloke from the Daredevil comics. God, I sound more like a nerd every day!) They've still got his pointy ears wrong. (I remember talking to John McCrea, {you know that bloke who draws Hitman?}about Batman Begins once, and he hated it. He's allergic to Liam Neeson anyway, but he hates that movie because he said, and I'm paraphrasing: "Batman looks like a sex toy, so he does")
The Joker looks genuinely creepy, and probably looks like the Joker would do, if he was real. He's not tubby either, like the Jack Nicholson incarnation. Everyone knows the Joker is built like a gypsy's dog. Anyway, I thought Batman Begins was brilliant, and I'm really looking forward to part two.


jamie said...

okay,so crispin glover is again denied the chance to play the role he was born to... but apart from that i think this new joker is going to be great.
he looks like the stuff of nightmares.
love the dirty scuffed outfit,too... a good detail that makes the character all the more believable,and not like he's stepped off an annie lebewiecz photo shoot.
batman still looks like a turd,though...

Mick said...

Crispin Glover would be good, but he's Grendel in Beowulf,(I thought that was an excellent movie) so swings and roundabouts. for a while, it looked like Paul Bettany was going to be the Joker, and he'd be an interesting choice. Ginger, but interesting.
If your turds look like Batman, I'd see a doctor, mate. passing pointy ears can't be good for the anus.

Madeley said...

Paul Bettany should have been John Constantine. Which should have been a series written by Jimmy McGovern.

And should have been, you know, good.

Mick said...

I'll never understand why the blonde, English John Constantine was played by Keanu Reeves. Typical Hollywood. Daniel Craig (obviously before he was 007) would've been good as Constantine, as well, as he's got a battered face!