Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Coming part 1: Moods

May might be the month Indiana Jones 4 comes out, but bollocks to that, it's also the month Septic Isle is unleashed at the Bristol Comic Expo. Yes, it's got fights and explosions and social commentary, but I see it as more of a mood piece. For example:






Can you speak up? It's a bit loud in here!!



I'll post some more images as we get closer to the launch. Watch this space.


jamie said...

not just based on what andy has said about this book,but based solely on the art in this post- this book is going to be the biggest book,well,ever?
at least this month...

Mick said...

Thanks, Jamie. The art'll look better in the book as well, these pics are just the crappy jpegs (takes less time to upload!) which is why they look a bit 'washy'.

jamie said...

i can't wait to read this book.
are you going to bristol to promote it?

Mick said...

I've booked the hotel on one of those special deals where if I don't go I still have to pay, so I've got to go, really.

Oh, and I've gotta sign all those copies of Septic Isle we'll be flogging by the bucketload!

I'm really looking forward to Bristol this year. Will you be there?