Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aston Villa 5 Birmingham City 1


I can't believe I was nervous about this game all this week. We've got five goals against the scum and it looks like that sorry shower is on its way back to the championship. I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow and taking the piss out of my bluenose colleagues. As important as the chase for a European place is, it's not as important as sticking it up our neighbours. God bless Martin O'Neill!

John Carew, Carew! He's bigger than me and you!!

He's gonna score one or two, John Carew, Carew!

Bring on the Toffeemen next Saturday, that's all I can say.

Normal service will resume soon.


jamie said...

never mind f*cking football,i've had enough of that doing 'research' for scoregasm!
bring on the septic isle artwork.
speaking of which,the book got a favourable review from some guy in norfolk,although he wasn't happy with the artwork,which is a shame.
f*cking inbreds,the lot of 'em.

Mick said...

I read that review, it wasn't too bad. He didn't like my stuff, but it wasn't too bad. Can't expect everyone to like it, it's the same with any creative output.

And calling him an inbred is a bit strong; He did give the book 9 out of 10!

jamie said...

no,you're right.
i feel embarressed now.
i'm sure he's a nice guy.