Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My trip to Bristol part 3: Socks.

Hiya. I was going to write the last part of the Bristol trilogy, but I've just got back from 'that London' where I've been for the last couple of days as part of my 'birthday week' celebrations, so I'm totally shagged out and therfore can't be arsed to type anything substantial (I suppose it cold be argued that I never write anything substantial!), but I did find a video on YouTube of those Scottish socks that I referred to in my last post. You can see the Moonface stand at the very beginning, and if you watch carefully you can see me disappearing off sharpish for my tactical fag. (I checked, it's about 14 seconds in at the far left of the picture) You can also see Hattie Jacques wearing a Superman T-shirt in the bottom right of the screen at about 36 seconds in. You can see now how ludicrous the whole thing was,and why I wanted no part of it whatsoever!


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jamie said...


Walter said...

I have been to Bristol.
It was terrible.
I was given a horrible sandwich.

Mick said...

Jamie: Is that you speechless? Really?! I'm thinking I should've written 'look out for Charles Hawtrey nipping out for a fag'. Saying that though, the real Charlie often nipped out for out a fag, too.

I'm sorry to hear about your sarnie. You should've had falafel. Bristol does excellent falafels.