Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids Today.

I know this post will make me sound like a moaning old fart, but what the hell is wrong with some young people today? (Please notice that I wrote 'some', not 'all', as I know that there are many great youngsters out there.)
Usually, I'm thinking these negative thoughts about teenagers after every bus journey I take around Birmingham. Usually, it's thoughts like 'Why haven't these wankers heard of headphones? Why do they think everyone wants to listen to their shitty, tinny music? It sounds like Pinky and Perky!'
Today, I'm also hating youngsters because of a bus journey, but it wasn't because of some selfish scrote playing his crappy MP3s out loud on his phone. It was because, today, whilst travelling back from Birmingham city centre on the 97 bus with my two daughters, some little shitbags lobbed a brick at the bus window. The bus window right next to where my youngest daughter was sitting. Luckily, it struck the bottom of the window and bounced off. Any higher, and the rock would've probably come straight through and who knows what would've happened? The window was a write-off, though, and the driver had to make the rest of the journey at a snail's pace so it wouldn't fall out.
What makes these little wastes of spunk tick? Why is this fun? If I ever grab hold of them, it'll stop being fun for them. I'd make them wish their fathers pulled out early, the little fuckers.
Right, rant over.


jamie said...

that sounds like it was a horrible experience. i hope your daughter isn't shaken up by the incident.
but i agree completely,it makes me want to dress up in black and go round kicking the shit out of the scum who make our streets a misery.

we went to 'star city' yesterday,not far from birminghams centre... we played indoor crazy golf.

Mick said...

My daughter's alright. But yeah, I'll join you in your fight against street scum, we can be the new dynamic duo!

You should've let me know you were in Brum, we could've met up. Heather was up in Brum too, and Star City's not far from me at all.

Oh well, maybe next time. What did you think of Star City? Garish and gaudy or what?