Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Knob namesake.

Ever since Septic Isle came out, I've been guilty of putting my name into Google to see what people have been saying about the book and my artwork. I think it's known as 'Googlebating', but it does throw up some interesting results. Besides trudging though loads of listings about articles about David Trimble written by a journalist called 'Mick', I've found out that there's another Mick Trimble who used to play bass in a band called Iluvatar. Maybe he also puts his (our) name into Google and only finds criticisms of my 'wobbly linework'!

There are other interesting finds, such as this: The Trimble Funeral and Cremation Centers. You can now say goodbye to a dear departed loved one in that special Trimble way. This might mean less swearing than if you booked me personally, and that can only be a good thing, right?

I've also found out that there are 'Trimble tribute bands'. Excellent! You can book them here. While I have visions of four blokes dressed like me rocking out, it's just that these are bands who are from, or operate in Trimble County, Kentucky.

I think it's brilliant that there's a Trimble county! Maybe I should go and live there, claim my throne and live like the king I should! Maybe I can get my technically American lovely girlfriend to take me and help translate. (She's been complaining lately that I haven't mentioned her on this blog for ages. Happy now, Heather?) The main reason to go to Trimble county, however, is to see the magnificent Trimble Knob. Lots of people have marvelled at the magnificence of the Trimble knob, they want to go and sit on it. But only if it's a nice day and they can take a picnic.



jamie said...

just had a look for trimble county,to see if it's worth a visit next time we go to the states.
apparantly,it's very small...
and there's not much to see.

Mick said...

As Viz's 'Sid The Sexist' once said- "I've not got much, but it's enough to fill a pram.'
Or as my Dad said: "What's the point of having a Rolls-Royce if you can't park it anywhere?"

Sara said...

I randomly found your page thanks to Google alerts.

I report on Trimble County, Ky., and live nearby in Madison, Ind.

I thought I would tell you about your eminent kingdom. If you love the rolling landscape of farmland of America, then you will want to come and become king of Trimble County. I don't think the local government will like it too much, but you can try.

There's tons of farmland, a few gas stations, a courthouse, a few financial banks, a Dairy Queen (ice cream place), a county fair each year and an Apple Festival, which features a bunch of arts and crafts, food and other goodies. Oh, there's also an electric power plant and the Ohio River runs along one of its borders. It connects to Madison, Indiana, by a historic steel truss bridge that is nearly 80 years old.

It's a wonderful county that still reminds you of what life was like 50 years ago with nice and friendly people, a small community and some southern hospitality.

yesitsme said...

well i'm totally sold, it sounds fantastic - maybe Trimble will come to value my American passport after all! and even better would be watching him try and conquer his 'kingdom' - i'll be in the Dairy Queen

Mick said...

Sara: Thanks for the comment, and for telling that naughty Jamie that there is plenty to see, actually. Actually there's parts of Birmingham (where I live in the UK) that reminds you of what life was like fifty years ago too. Thing is, you probably won't get any hospitality here, southern or otherwise!

yesitsme: You eating Ice Cream? That is a surprising turn of events, and no mistake!