Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another New World for Jonas Moore

You may remember the comic strip I did for 'The Many Worlds Of Jonas Moore' sometime last year. Well, apparently, it's being developed into a TV show. Here's the bumpf:

"MGM Domestic Television Distribution is turning the U.K. online graphic novel "The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore" into a live-action action-drama TV series. Set in a time where the British Empire has never ended and America is just one of thousands of virtual worlds hosted on a vast global game network. When Jonas Moore (Colin Salmon), a character personally created by the network's founder, becomes self-aware he is tagged by the network as a virus and goes on the run. As he moves from one artificial game world to the next, his knowledge of the games and the real-world gamers spreads like a virus to the other game characters, freaks, creatures and monsters who live as slaves within the network - precipitating a revolution and fight for freedom against the murderously addicted real-world gamers. Howard Webster has adapted his graphic novel series for TV and will be intimately involved with its development. The series is expected to go to air next year. More details are up at the graphic novel's official website."

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DanProject76 said...

Hmmm... sounds a lot better than that forthcoming 'hilarious' ITV superhero sitcom whose trailer is gdoing the rounds.