Friday, November 07, 2008

Return Of The Mick.

Hello again. Sorry for not posting for however long it was, but in my defence I was moving house and my computer has been offline for at least a month. It's not anymore, obviously.
In my absence there's been loads to comment about, such as the Ross/Brand debacle (in which the Daily Mail decided for us what we can and can't broadcast), Guns N' Roses actually releasing some new music (it's shite) and the US electing it's first Black President (Second if you count Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact) but it's a bit late now.
This is only a brief post, I'll fill you all in at some point in the future, but the move went well. Thanks to those sent us cards (obviously, the ones who know either me or my girlfriend personally and also read my blog. It sounded a bit like a Radio DJ who gets birthday cards from his listeners then for a while) and I'd also like to thank those that actually helped us move in. Couldn't have done it without you, guys.
So, I'll try and make up for lost time and tell you all about my exploits in the past month or so, like, for example, me nearly killing a tankful of fish in a garden centre, just to pick an example at random. So, if you have stuck around, cheers, and stay tuned!


BB said...
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BB said...

Nearly) killing fish in garden centres? Do your new living arrangements necessitate you to turn hunter/ gatherer?

Other than that ~ welcome back!

Mick said...

The fish in question were only tiddlers, not enough for a hearty meal. Or even a snack, come to that!

Thanks for the welcome.