Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Always Has Been, Always Will Be.

I read in the Birmingham Mail yesterday that some arsehole local councillor wants the mighty Aston Villa Football Club to change their name to 'Aston Villa Birmingham' and we should also replace the motto 'Prepared' on our badge with 'Birmingham'. He reckons that a lot of people don't actually know that Villa are from Brum and the name change will help raise the city's profile if the Villains win the UEFA cup.
Firstly, let's try and win the cup first. Secondly, we've been Aston Villa since 1874. It's been good enough for the last 134 years, why change it now? I mean, back in 1874 , Birmingham wasn't even a city yet, and Aston wasn't part of it.
Lots of football teams don't have the city they're from in their name, I mean, just off the top of my head, there's all of the London clubs, Everton, Port Vale, Lazio, Ajax, FC Twente, Espanyol, Benfica, Celtic, Rangers, Hibernian, Queen Of The South and Juventus. There's probably loads more. Any proper football fan knows Villa are from Brum. Anyone who doesn't know probably isn't that interested in football, so how does Villa winning a trophy raise Birmingham's profile in their eyes anyway? The main reason this is a bad idea, however, is the fact that our local rivals and worst enemies are called Birmingham City. How is Villa incorporating the scum's name into our own going to be a popular idea? It's not our fault if the team actually bearing the name of the city aren't raising it's profile because they're a pile of wank is it?
If the council want to increase this city's reputation, how about they spend their time coming up with better ideas, such as cleaning up the shit bits, for example? (I reckon one of the main reasons Birmingham has a reputation for being a shithole is, ironically, because of football, as both Villa Park and St. Andrews are situated in dogholes, so visiting supporters go home with a bad impression) . I know this idea isn't going to come to anything, and it will all blow over, but it has bugged me no end. Football is all about history, and our name is part of our heritage, so leave it the fuck alone.

If you want to read about how we got our name, and also, if it wasn't for Aston Villa there wouldn't be a football league to start with, read this fantastic article from the Times Online.


jamie said...

lol,we were watching fever pitch the other night,and i wondered if there were people really like that 'in the real world'.
your post has just assured me that there is,
i'm sure everything will be fine.

as a follow-up to that random text message the other day,the event i was talking about for the weekend of 28th march next year,i know a whole three months away... it's a 'showmasters collectormania midlands' event,film and genre guests signing autographs and doing talks,and dealers and stands and all the usual shite. i've been nagging andy to do a table at these events for ages now and seeing as this event is up your way,AND one of the guests is some bloke called lazenby,george lazenby i thought you might be interested!
so make a note in the diary,and hope we see you there!

Mick said...

I'll see what I can do, Jamie. Meeting the 007 from one of best Bond movies is tempting, as long as he doesn't charge for an autograph, which he's bound to do, as it's par for the course at these things.
I remember MC2 looking into getting a table at one of these things, and I seem to remember the cost of a table being prohibitive; you'd have to sell a shitload of books just to break even.

jamie said...

happy new year to you and heather,hope you had a great xmas,all said and done.
hope to see you sometime in the new year,x
jamie and theresa.