Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Johnny Dixon RIP.

Today sees the passing of a true Villa legend; Johnny Dixon. A winger and inside-forward (remember when there were such positions as 'inside-forward'? I don't!) who signed for Aston Villa in 1944 and spent seventeen years at Villa Park as a player, and a further six as a youth team coach. He will always be remembered by the claret-and-blue half of Brum as the captain of the F.A. cup winning team of 1957 (where we beat Manchester United's Busby Babes 2-1; albeit by flattening their goalkeeper!) which, sadly, was the last time we lifted the cup. Hopefully, we can win it this year as a tribute to the great man.
(Actually, winning anything would be nice! We've got as good a chance as we've had a very long time this season, though.)
So long Johnny, thanks for your contribution to the history of the mighty Aston Villa!


jamie said...

heskey for villa?
i'd be excited if i knew who heskey was...
or if i spelled it right.

Mick said...

I'm just hoping our manager knows what he's doing. Heskey is a great lumbering dollop who used to play for Birmingham. Most of my Villa supporting mates aren't happy at all.