Thursday, March 05, 2009

More Bale.

It's going to be a low content couple of weeks, so this post is a quickie, as I've got some drawing to do. Sticking with the Christian Bale theme instigated by the last post, I've found the new trailer for the upcoming Terminator movie, and despite my misgivings (mostly concerning the stupidly-named director's previous output) it looks kinda cool. Let's face it, it can't be any worse than T3, which was just a retread of T2, but with a lady robot as the antagonist and a bleak ending instead of a hopeful one. Also cool is the use of Nine Inch Nails' track The Day The World Went Away. I love that band.
And never mind Bale's well-publicised rant. I think it looks very well lit indeed.

I'm not sure about the title either. Terminator Salvation instead of T4. I suppose it's because it's a prequel and therefore should be T-zero, or it might be because calling it T4 might make people think it's a film about Channel Four's endless repeats of Friends and The Simpsons linked together with inane chat from Steve Jones (the bland Welsh bloke, not the Pistols' guitarist) and Miquita Oliver.

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