Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still Alive.

Blimey, the gaps between posts are getting longer and longer. Michael Jackson was still warming up for his O2 gigs last time I posted anything, and Farrah Fawcett, Karl Malden and Mollie Sugden were similarly all still breathing. It's been mental around here lately, mostly because of my girlfriend getting swine flu. This meant I couldn't go onto the internet because this disease is so contagious and deadly that anyone reading my blog would die almost straight away (yes, I have been reading the hysterical national press.) and I didn't want the death of those three people on my conscience. Anyway, my other half's okay now (mostly) , so, unless I contract the pig flu myself, expect more regular posts soon. I'll wrap up the Rome stuff soon, so keep popping by!


jamie said...

glad to hear heather's on the mend.
get some art andys way,as he's on the lookout for some new art helper-outers for his new projects.

Gepetto said...

hey mate just started reading your posts, very funny, good to see that im not the only lanky mature decent music loving aspiring comic book artist in brum(takes a breath), loved your work too, not too sure about the the villa shirt though(im from chester but pretty ambivilant about footy) too this whole blogging thing apols if ive made any mistakes

Mick said...

Jamie: I will send some art to Andy. Gotta get some done, first! BTW, is helper-outer a word? It is now!

Gepetto: Welcome to the fold! I'm glad you like the blog; always nice to hear from a new reader. I have only one objection to your description; Me? Mature?!!
Good to hear you've moved here from Chester, but if you were born in Brum you'd know that you can't be ambivalent about football, you're either Villa or Blues, even if you don't go or you're not bothered, you still have to pick one. Unless you're one of those weirdos that support West Brom, they have their own rules.
Anyway, I've digressed. Good to hear from you!