Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Birthday

On this day, four years ago, a slightly overweight four-eyed nerd called Mick Trimble made his first-ever blogpost. Just thought I'd tell all of you. That's two posts in the same month for once! That's almost organised. Almost.
Since I last posted, I had the news from Insomnia Publishing that they definitely want me to work for them and my contract's on its way. So I'll probably be spending most of the next few months pencilling their 100-page book. I'm excited about it, even though the logistics of getting 100 pages done is only slightly overwhelming.
As soon as I've got some decent work done, and I'm allowed to, I shall post some of my scribblings up on this very blog, so stay tuned, as they say.
Anyway, my blog is four today, Happy Birthday Secret Identity! Any cards or gifts gratefully accepted.

1 comment:

jamie said...

we're both 'made up' for you with regards to your working for insomnia.
does this mean you'll be giving up the day job,or at least taking on a paper round or something to suppliment the financial situation?
details,i suppose...
congratulations again,and happy birthday blog!
come on,now... how about some artwork to celebrate.