Thursday, February 23, 2006


Yesterday, the English Football Association officially announced that the new Wembley stadium will not be ready in time for the FA cup final. Everyone in Britain knew this was going to happen, as it's been a giant-sized bollocks-up from day one.
When they announced that they were pulling down the old Wembley, twin towers and all, they also announced that the new national sports stadium didn't have to be in London, and other cities could bid to build the new showpiece national stadium.
My home city of Birmingham was one of the cities that bid, and arguably had the most to offer but lost out (surprise surprise!) to London. The Birmingham bid was cheaper than the new Wembley (which is haemorraging millions weekly) already had a train station nearby (the Wembley tube station is being rebuilt) because of the NEC which would have been next door to the new stadium. It was easier to get to, (Wembley being notorious to non-Londoners as a right pain in the arse to get to), due to it's central location, and the fact that there is a train station and airport in close proximity. Also, it would have been already built by now.
Because the new stadium isn't ready, it means the final will again be played in Cardiff, on the day I have to go to a comics convention in nearby Bristol. So now all the hotels have either doubled their price or are fully booked.
Of course, if the Villa get there, I couldn't give a toss about Bristol.

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