Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Hello. If you're wondering why I've used a picture of a house, it's because I'm a part-time comic artist, and this is one of my pages. It's probably my best example of what's called an 'establishing shot', and seeing as this is an establishing post, it seemed apt. I was going to use a photograph that I had taken for a magazine interview, but it made me look like a mugger. I thought the article would lead to work enquiries; it just led to me helping the police with theirs.
Yes, you guessed it, I am a comics nerd, but unlike most other comics nerds, I don't stink of piss and self-abuse. (Well, 85% of the time, anyway.) If you are also a comics nerd and are offended, I'm sorry, I do stink really, I'm just trying to sound all cool and that.
I'm currently languishing in UK indie-comic land, which means I'm basically working for free, which means I can't give up my shitty day-job. It's a constant source of misery. Also, I am from Birmingham, England, which means I have to moan, it's kinda like our region specific stereotype. So those factors combined mean that probably 95% of future posts will be about me complaining. See you again.

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