Monday, June 19, 2006

Coming Attraction!

Hi. Check out . They're the publishers of the Septic Isle comic I'm working on at the moment (though, not at this precise moment!) . There's a preview of my art on there as well. Go and look at the other stuff on there. Hero Killers is very good, and the Devil Child books contain art from Kenshiro Suzuki, Keith Burns, Duane Leslie and Jason Dennis, who are all mates of mine from the StripSearch scheme. (Another StripSearch alumnus, Mikey Ball, has his art featured in Shriek! [That sounds like I don't like Mikey! He's a friend as well, he just didn't contribute to Devil Child.] )
Go and buy stuff! Andy needs the money!


Jemima said...

I found hero killers a tad confusing, but I am a girl.

mick said...

I find girls confusing, but I am a hero!