Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pow! Biff! Part 3.

This is probably why sound effects are being used less and less in comics.

I love the way the panel reads "Captain America! I command you to-- WANK"


Also, I've followed BB's lead and got myself a Flickr account. Click on the badge in the sidebar and look at my drawings. Some publicity photos of me have slipped in, as well. Keeping my chiselled features to myself is just being selfish!


Jemima said...

I wish the commands I received were so easy to satisfy.

bb said...

Glad to know I'm good for something. Inspiring the flickr account that is. I am distancing myself from the wank comments.

bb said...

That is comments about the word wank. Not comments that are substandard and to be ridiculed.

mick said...

Wank,wank,wank! Potty mouth!Comments that are substandard are my stock in trade. If I distanced myself from those I'd be mostly silent.

mick said...

I've just re-read that comment. It sounds like I'm telling you off. I'm not! I like it when you say wank!