Friday, July 21, 2006

D'OL on the D.O.L.E.

Ta Ra Dave. Don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out. Good riddance. You've turned the once mighty Aston Villa into a circus. It's a shame you can't take the ringmaster Doug Ellis with you. He's taken a club that were once European Champions and changed us into a club that will be fortunate to stay up this coming season. If you love the club as much as you say you do, Doug, do us all a favour and fuck off.
Rant over. I'll go back to wittering on about comics and moaning about sweating soon enough.
I'm sure you don't want to read my opinions on Villa. I could be here all day.


steve said...

Aberdeen and Nottingham Forest both won the European Cup too and they're both shit.
Villa are just one of those also-ran clubs, right down to their terrible hummel shirt, (what year is it, 1987?)

i'm a leeds fan so i know what your club being raped and ruined feels like, but David O Leary did alright for us.

it's hot isnt it?

who was the mouse roman emperor?


mick said...

You're right about the hummel shirts. They were terrible the first time around, only that time we had good players like Platt, McGrath and McInally wearing them.
David O'Leary did alright at Leeds because he spent 100 million quid on players, which eventually ruined the club. He's still getting paid by Leeds, as well! O'Leary wasn't the real problem, though, it is, and always has been Deadly Doug.

Why did the ghost put ice cream in his shoes?

Because he wanted to walk through walls!

steve said...

did you make that up?
thats the best ghost joke i've ever heard.

Jemima said...

*fingers crossed* not Hoddle not Hoddle not Hoddle not Hoddle not Hoddle

Repeat to fade.

mick said...

If we do get Hoddle it's because all of us Villa fans were wicked in a previous life.
Anyone who wears a suit jacket, shirt and tie with tracksuit bottoms and football boots and whores his fat family for shredded wheat is a complete and utter arsehole.