Sunday, July 16, 2006

We got it covered!

This is the newly completed cover for theMC2 book out this autumn. The cover is by Michiru Morikawa, a hugely talented artist. MC2 stands for 'Midlands Comics Collective' which is a group of both amateur and professional comics artists, all living in and around Birmingham. We managed to get an Arts Council grant to get this book published. It will be published by Knockabout Press; publishers of From Hell and Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. The blurb on the back was written for us by Dave Gibbons, and it says:"If I remember my quantum physics correctly, then MC squared equals energy, and this anthology certainly proves that Einstein knew his onions. From whimsy through teen angst by way of dark thrills, this anthology is full of strangeness and charm. It should set the Geiger counters of the world ticking like crickets!" That's only Dave Watchmen Gibbons! Not only can he dance like a charm, he can say nice things about our book!

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