Monday, July 17, 2006

Second Coming Delayed.

It looks like we'll have to wait a wee while longer for the second coming. The New Adventures Of The Christ, the strip I mentioned a couple of posts ago, has been pulled. Bolt-01, the editor of Lost Property said my art was kinda full-on, and he was worried about a possible backlash. Which I kind of expected. He was very nice about it, and life's too short too get pissed off about these things. It may re-emerge one day.
This has happened to me before, when I did a story concerning an imagined matrimonial murder, and because the victim was female, it was seen as being possibly misogynist. The cheek! If the wife had killed the husband in the fantasy sequence, I suppose that would've been alright.
Anyway, Bringing Up Prince Phillip is still in Lost Property#3, and it was the funnier of the two anyway.


bb said...

It is, of course, naive to suggest that the artist endorses every representation of viewpoint that he/she portrays.
Obviously, I would've pulled the strip, because I prefer a shaven representation of Christ. Maybe that's what he was really getting at.
And life is too short to get pissed off about these things, when there's so many other crappy things to dwell on.

mick said...

All do-gooders have facial hair: Christ, Geldof, Geoff Capes, Mother Teresa. I rest my case.
The other crappy thing I'm mostly dwelling on now is this bloody heat.