Friday, August 11, 2006

Sun Lounger Price Query.

My local Woolworths is rubbish. The only thing Woolies is good for is nicking pick n' mix from while you're shopping for school clothes for the breadsnatchers. My local Woolies doesn't even have pick n' mix. What it does have is loads of clearance baskets of crappy CDs no-one's going to possibly want and garden furniture blocking up its entrance (ooh, matron!).
I was in there the other day whilst my better half was looking for a birthday gift for a colleague. While I was doing that obligatory 'man shopping' thing (ie. Huffing and moaning and saying 'Yeah, that's nice' to everything I was asked for my opinion of), an elderly lady came up and asked me how much the sun loungers were. I told her I didn't know. There were no price labels on them. She then said 'You don't work here?' and I replied 'No'.
'Just looking?' she then asked.
'Just looking', I replied.
Now, I can understand her mistake if the rest of the staff had sunglasses and a (tasteful) 'Incredible Hulk' T-shirt on, but they were all wearing red polo shirts with 'Woolworths' written on them. Ahhh, those funny elderly folk. Bless 'em. Anyway, for everyone's future reference, I've posted a picture of some smiley Woolies staff. Let's have some fun!


DanProject76 said...

I once got shouted at by a woman for ignoring her in Virgin because although I was shopping and wearing a suit and not a Virgin polo shirt she thought that I wokred there and was ignoring her. The silly rude twat. Bah!

mick said...

When I was 15, I did my 'Work Experience' at a bank. One day, I manned (boyed?) the front desk. An elderly lady, a regular, came in and said to me 'Oh, you've changed your face.'
Apparently, all bank clerks all have interchangeable heads like Worzel Gummidge, so me changing my face is nothing to this seen-it-all octogenarian.