Friday, August 11, 2006

Comics coming home.

After the Brighton convention was cancelled, it seemed to us in the comics world that the winter would be a cultural wasteland, with only the meaningless and temporary distractions that Christmas brings.

Well worry no longer! I know to some that this is old news, but I was talking to one of the organisers, Andy Baker, last night. There is to be a comics show in good ol'Brum! Birmingham held the first ever comics expo back in 1968, and this new one will be a belter. I can confirm that I, megastar Mick Trimble, will indeed be there, behind a table, trying to flog the excellent MC2 anthology to punters with discerning taste. (It will be out in November, we're having a launch party at the Custard Factory, the same venue as the comics show, sometime during the second week of that month.) Andy told me that John Cassaday and Mike Mignola also said that they were doing the show, only now Cassaday has pulled out, and Mignola might not appear as he has 'family vacation issues'. Even so, there is still a strong line up, with gods-amongst-men Dave Gibbons and Alan Davis confirmed to show. More on the show here. The Custard Factory will be an excellent venue with plenty of galleries, bars and atmosphere, with everything on the same site, unlike Bristol, which suffers sometimes from having events in two venues. Please come!


steve said...

i've no doubt the banal pig/man man/bingo bonanza team will be representing at the show, and its a bit closer than brighton. let's hope they publicise it well and they actually make some money (unlike brighton).
i'd better get my cheeks in gear and see if i can make bp3/ ethel sparrowhawk in time for it.

mick said...

Brighton last year was a total nightmare to get to, with the rail network outdoing itself in ways to totally fuck up my journey. This show will just be a 15 minute bus ride for me.
I have a 'Bingo Bonanza' T-shirt, which all contributors have, apparently. I won't wear it to the show, though. People will work out that I know Ez!