Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hanging's too good for them! (my pictures, I mean.)

This is the flyer for the upcoming book launch event for MC2, our anthology that we've been working since February, 1865. Not Really! It just seems like it.
I've seen a copy of the book now, and it looks great, so get yourselves a copy. It will be in some comics shops, but you can get it from Forbidden Planet's website, and as it's distributed by Diamond, you can probably get it from any online comics supplier.
If you're in the area on November 8th, drop in! There's an exhibition of most of the original art, plus we'll be signing and sketching all night. If the prospect of seeing me in the flesh doesn't exactly get your juices flowing (what's wrong with you? Are you dead?) There's our two most well known contributors, Hunt Emerson and John McCrea, who will also be there.
Please come along. I'm missing the Chelsea/Villa cup match for this, so no excuses!

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