Thursday, October 26, 2006


I finally watched Torchwood on its terrestrial debut last night. I went to bed early on Sunday in a failed attempt to catch up on some missed kip, so I missed it ( and our video's fucked, so I couldn't tape it).
It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It's certainly derivative. It's a bit Gerry Anderson- Captain Jack is Captain Scarlet. They're both captains, they look similar, and they're both indestructible. Harkness even has a little mic thing to shout into, just like Paul Metcalfe (Captain Scarlet's real name, trivia fans). Making your main character immortal kinda kills all tension- you always know he's going to survive. They even come out of the floor on a hidden elevator, just like Thunderbirds.
The first episode was better than the second, although they killed off the pretty Indian lady with the metal resurrection hand, so there's no-one at Torchwood I can fancy now.( I bet they're all breathing a sigh of relief now). I could've done without all the shots of people on tops of buildings. There was one of Jack just standing there for ages. It didn't move the plot along, there wasn't even a subtext.
The plot of the second one was just silly.What are the chances of a gas-alien that lives on the energy of male orgasm randomly possesing someone who actually works in a sperm bank?!
Why does the Doctor's hand still move about like Thing Addams?
Despite its faults, I enjoyed it and it's fun. I'm just glad I didn't let my kids watch it! (They were nagging me to let them; they're both Who nuts)


Jemima said...

Well it sent me to sleep nicely enough.

Not sure I approve of the point of view that all lesbian/gay encounters are the consequence of drug use. That's how it seemed to me.

Anonymous said...

ooh, i know definitely not good for kiddies 2 watch, even with all pestering they give to stay up and watch it, so not suitable! But I enjoyed it. Although I hope it's not all gonna be double episodes as I need my early nights! pid

Clive_Evil_C said...

"no-one at Torchwood I can fancy now" What about Gwen? Is she not fanciable?

I watched the first episode, thought it was decent enough, haven't got round to watching the second episode, I suppose I might at some point.

jonni said...

I think the indestructbility's a nice touch -you know Jack's not gonna die, but that doesn't mean anyone else on the cast is safe. Plus, it isolates him, and makes him an outsider like, errr..., well Dr Who really.

mick said...

Jemima: All my lesbian and gay encounters have always been because of drugs!

Pid: It's about time you remembered your password, isn't it?
All this "anonymous" business is suspicious behaviour!

Clive: I don't fancy Gwen. Even in the police uniform, she did nowt for me.Anyway, I'm contractually obliged to say "I've got all I need in my missus" as she reads this blog!

Jonni: You're right, in a way. I didn't expect the lady with the metal hand to die, as she was on all the publicity photos in the Radio Times. (Isn't it amazing how the alien technology that brings people back to life fits a human hand? Five fingers and everything!)