Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pow! Biff! Part 6.

This post could almost be in 'Reasons I Love Comics', as I do love an unintentional laugh when reading the old funnybooks. Anyway, the series documenting funny comic panels, covers and sound effects is back! Aquaman is squirting Aqualad with white fluid. I can't quite tell whether there's a subtext here. Is it just my dirty little mind?
There is no subtext here. Just text! Suffering Sappho!
This is brilliant. The people they last touched are in mortal danger. Wally West thinks about his wife's full name! The Atom and Green Lantern think about their girlfriends, whilst Batters thinks about a young boy. "Robin. What have I done to you?" just sounds sinister.


Jemima said...

Didn't (doesn't) every girl play those binding games??? What're you saying here? That it is in some way strange?

steve said...

"The girl in the chip shop- what have i done to you?"
"Some rough lass from the working mens club-in grave danger"
"Grandma-i've sealed your death warrant"

mick said...

JvS: The only binding games I can remember girls playing when I was a lad was called Chinese skipping, where two girls stretched a big piece of knicker elastic around their legs for a third girl to trip over and gash her head open.

Steve: I can't top that without copying you. It's funny how my life mirrors your own. But aren't those girls in chippies irrestible?
Notice how The Flash looks slightly happy that he has potentially killed his wife? Hal and Bats look suitably grim, but Wally has the beginnings of a grin.