Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Reet! Neybody Move!

Television lately is so stuck for ideas that they've been re-hashing old shows. ITV, in particular, have been trying to reclaim old glories by bringing back old cop shows. A Touch of Frost, Prime Suspect and Cracker have all recently been necromanced onto our cathode ray tubes (or plasma screen if you're posh and like being burglarised).
One cop, however, has been missing from our screens for too long. I am talking about Newcastle's finest-DI Harry Batt!

Saturday mornings are shit now Harry's not on anymore. He was a man's man. The one true successor to John Thaw's Jack Regan. A no-nonsense copper who hits first and asks questions after. A maverick detective who will drive like a maniac if it means nabbing wrong 'uns:

Also, seeing the dark side of society took it out of Harry. Here is the heroic detective is in one of his more reflective moments:

His arresting technique is unorthodox, but it get results!

Also, any self-respecting 70's detective needs a theme tune, and DI Batt's got a belter:

It's about time this man had his own show. Me, my kids and my mate Pete think so, and we're right about most things!

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Jemima said...

Wonderful as those sneaky peaks were, you haven't really captured the essence of why the world needs that cat. (Harry Batt) I mean, I didn't fall off my chair with laughter, I only chuckled.