Friday, November 24, 2006


Hello friends. (Are you my friends? You're not just taking the piss, are you?) Here's a nice little film from those super talented people in Bollywood. (I thought Bollywood was called that because it was in Bombay, but we don't say 'Bombay' anymore, it's 'Mumbai' these days, so surely their film industry must now be called 'Mollywood'. Just a thought.) It's the Indian version of Superman but India's version of Kal-El is a niftier mover than the boring Yank one, especially that morose motherfucker in the latest movie. The Indian Supes has a sidekick that's a lot prettier than Jimmy Olsen, but for some reason, she's dressed as Spidey. It goes on a bit, so just get a flavour of it then skip to the rather excellent fight scene. I love Superman's way-too-large 'S' crest and his half mast trousers with black chelsea boots combination. Great Caesar's ghost!
In other, more personal news, the world famous Nostalgia & Comics store, on Priory Queensway, Birmingham, has, on last time I heard, sold all but one of their copies of the MC2 anthology we've just launched, and they're ordering more. I don't know whether this is good news as I don't know how many copies they had to start with! If they orderded in just two, it's a bit shit, really. It'll be on sale at the Birmingham Comics Show, which is now in a couple of weeks (click on the link in my sidebar), so I'll see you there. If you're coming, of course.


steve said...

i'll see you there, but i dont want to talk or make eye contact because we're just computer friends. if you want to talk to me i advise you to write it down on a bit of paper (maybe stick a photo on there to jazz it up). if i like what you say, i will write a reply on the bottom and hand it back to you, and so on and so forth.

Jemima said...

That's how I talk to Mick.

Anonymous said...

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mick said...

Thanks for changing the subject completely, anonymous. I've thought about what you've said and my response has to be stick it up your arse.