Friday, January 26, 2007

Bloody Catholics.

The Catholic Church piss me off. They wanted a veto on allowing gay couples to adopt children from their orphanages. The government decided that they shouldn't have such a thing. Bloody right too. Surely, if anyone is prepared to make the sacrifices and love and look after these poor kids, then they should be given the chance, regardless of creed, colour or sexuality.
If it wasn't for the Roman Catholic stance on contraception, there wouldn't be so many unwanted children in the first place, and if you ask me, getting vulnerable children away from the Catholic church can only be a good thing. Remember, the current Pope tried to hush up all the claims of sexual abuse in Catholic institutions.
They say Homosexuality isn't natural, yet they deny Jesus had any kind of sexual relationship with women. they forbid their Priests from having sex or getting married. This tells me that they think men having sex with women is bad. You'd think they'd be all for homosexuality.
Think about it. Jesus knocked about with twelve geezers who were all 'fishers of men'. The only woman Christ loved was Madonna. If all that washing of feet stuff doesn't have a gay subtext, then my uncle wasn't Mr. Gay UK!
If God created us all, then he created gays and lesbians as well.
Surely any decent religion should be based on love, not hate. If these kids need a loving, decent home, and there's someone who is wiling to give it them, what harm is being done?


Jemima said...

All that John the Baptist fucking about in the river stuff has a definite charge to it.

DanProject76 said...

I think where you are going wrong in this post is that you are using logic and common sense in relation to The Catholic Church.

Chalk and cheese, those two things.