Friday, January 26, 2007

Invasion UK?

You may have heard through shitrags like the Daily Mail that Britain is being invaded by Eastern Europeans. It's alright for the middle class to worry and moan about these things, but generally, it's the working class that has to deal with it, after all, we have to work alongside these people and if there are any jobs at stake because of cheaper imported labour, then it's ours.
Recently, at my shitty job, we've had half-a-dozen Poles and a Czech start work, and so far, I've got no problem with them. They work hard, don't annoy me and keep themselves to themselves. If only my English colleagues were the same. One of my old (English) colleagues said to me :"We're being invaded by Poland! It's supposed to be the other way round!"
I told him that it wasn't us that invaded Poland, it was the Third Reich, but, judging by his comments, he was probably on Hitler's side. There seems to be the attitude that it's OK to be racist towards Poles, as they're white. (Although, saying that, a lot of them seem to think it's okay to be racist out loud to blacks and Asians, as well.)
The Czech bloke is great. He likes Metal music ( All the Eastern Europeans I've met tend to, and are genuinely impressed when I tell them that Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Napalm Death all come from Birmingham. Not so impressed with Magnum, though.) supports the Villa, and is much brighter than the English tossers he has to work with. He can speak four languages and has been all over the world. He genuinely loves it here in Blighty.
Despite all this, though, I think there has to be a thorough debate on immigration. If the supposed thousands of Eatern Europeans are coming here, then the NHS is going to need more beds, we're going to need new schools, and the recent furore concerning the overpopulation of our prisons is going to get worse if the immigrants are going to start transgressing. Don't get me wrong, I think immigration is a good thing, it enriches our culture, brings us new skills, and if they are all working, they're all paying tax, which will help with the aforementioned problems eventually, if not right now. But this is a small island, and we have people born here who are sleeping in hostels and on the streets, maybe we should worry about them before we have to worry about housing foreign nationals.


Jemima said...

You are aware that many people EMigrate from the UK, I assume.

I say YOU, I think maybe I'm talking to the reactionary tabloid rightwing ignorant press stirring up hysteria.

DanProject76 said...

Mick for Prime Minister!

I love how the loudest complainers about Poles Etc are either lazy layabout dolescum Daily Star types or stuck up Daily Mail c*nts who wouldn't even consider making friends with anyone who would not class themselves as 'English.'

My work Pole likes acid jazz.